5 Sustainable Fashion Tips

1. Reduce Consumption

Deciphering between what you need and what you want is a great way to curb your consumption habits, which leads to less waste. It might not be easy to say no to that adorable garment screaming your name, but trust us- the landfills will thank you later! 



which leads us to our next tip.....

2. Don't Throw Away Clothing

Instead, donate it to a reputable charity, host a clothing swap with friends, sell it on eBay or depop, have a garage sale, or give to a designer that specializes in upcycling clothing! A lot of fabric is made out of synthetic fibers or toxic chemical dyes, so avoiding throwing your clothing in the trash- which inevitably ends up in a landfill- will significantly reduce your footprint.


And if you can't bear to part with a garment, but don't ever wear it....

3. Repurpose Your Old Clothes

Cut that old pair of jeans you never wear and turn it into those new booty shorts, add a cute patch, add some BIOGLITZ ;) ... there are infinite possibilities! Get creative. If you need some inspiration there are tons of DIY tutorials online to help you make the most of your clothes!



4. Buy Second Hand When You Can

Thrift stores are a godess-send. You can get the thrill of finding a bargain, without the guilt that comes with buying fast fashion. If you ever feel the absolute need to purchase a new item, and you have the financial means, do some research. There are a lot of sustainable companies using natural, ethical, and locally manufactured materials.


5. Wash Less

Sniff sniff. Smell ok? Great! Skip the wash this time.

Every time we wash our clothes, tiny particles of synthetic fibers come off in the water, which inevitably end up poisoning our waterways. Also, a lot of energy is used in washing and drying our clothes... so try doing it only when necessary! For example, jeans can be worn upwards of 10x or more without needing to be washed. You can also get old school and set up a clothesline to air dry your garments. 


We hope these easy tips help you live a more sustainable life. Although they may seem small, your effort will add up to make a huge difference. 

 And when Mama Earth is happy, so are we <3


Saba Gray