Honoring Earth Day With Our First Ever BioGlitz Short Film

We are so excite to honor Earth Day this year with our first ever short film featuring ethereal dancers transforming an isolated, grim world polluted with plastic, into one exploding with vibrant color and biodegradable glitter!

The film features a lonely wanderer walking the beach hoping to appreciate and reconnect with nature.

A foreign object in the sand startles her.  Looking closer, she discovers a discarded tangle of plastic waste stretching infinitely into the sea.

Desperately trying to undo the harm to Earth, she fights to extract the mass from the ocean.  But its weight is too great and she falls. When the wanderer recovers she is no longer alone, a rainbow of shining beings surround her.

These Glitz Angels begin a dance that summons a transformation within her, and she too begins to radiate BioGlitz.  After the transformation, she joins the Angels in movement, celebrating humanity and what can be accomplished when we shine together, for the better.

As the Angels disappear into the water, knowing the plant-based BioGlitz will biodegrade and become apart of Earth once more, they look back  and reach out, inviting us to join in reconnecting to the Earth and shining responsibly.

Every day is Earth Day for us at BioGlitz, as we are on a mission to replace all traditional toxic, plastic glitter with their plant-based shine.

BioGlitz utilizes the allure of shine to not only spark conversations around ecological impact, but also bridge the gap between environmental and social sustainability.

With this film, we imagine a vibrant, inclusive reality where those feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the daunting issue of climate change come together, uplift each other, and spark a revolution to shine powerfully and unapologetically.

Armed with biodegradable glitter, BioGlitz shines a light on the importance of working together and empowering each other to achieve the sustainable, glittering future of our dreams.

Saba Gray